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Innovindex is a boutique professional investment advisory firm focusing on mergers and acquisitions, licensing and financing. We work with leading healthcare companies in the United States, Europe, and Asia. With first-hand operational experience and thourough understandings of the challenges our clients face when building their companies within the markets, we can offer better solutions to best serve our clients and solve the core issues.


Expertise. Intuition. Ingenuity.

Regulation Affair

  • Regulatory Pathway and Submission

  • Strategy Preparing Submission

  • Dossier and Pre-reviews

  • Management of CFDA Registration

  • Clinical Trial and Assessment

M&A Consultancy

  • Comprehensive sell- and buy- side advisory services to public and private companies and investors that include:

  1. Acquisitions

  2. Corporate sales and divestitures Mergers

  3. Joint ventures

  4. Spin-offs

  5. Fairness opinions and valuation

  • Identify and competitively secure optimal transaction partners

Business Development & Licensing Advisory

  • Business development and product licensing advisory services

  • Possess comprehensive science and business knowledge, deep market intelligence and superb negotiation skills

Private Placement

  • Private placement (pharmaceutical, medical devices, medical)

  • Financing of new company combined with technology transfer

  • Due diligence advisor

A cancer metabolism company, is developing first-in-class treatments that aim to prolong the lives of cancer patients by preventing treatment resistance and delaying relapse. Our client of capital raising in China for over 30M.


Contact Me

11th Floor, Tower C, Guo Rong Guo Ji, No. 7 Rong Jing Middle St., BDA, Da Xing Dist., Beijing, China

+1 416 823 9703

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