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China Rheumatology Network

Up-to-date No. of followers: 97,520

The China Rheumatology Network is a WeChat account. It was first launched on June 26th, 2014. The mission of the Network is to deliver up-to-date academic information and professional services to rheumatologists. Our operating team works closely with the Chinese Rheumatology Association and several other authoritative academic organizations in China. Real-time data shows that the China Rheumatology Network has over 94,000 followers. The contents that we deliver daily include but are not limited to the academic conference live video casts, daily news, medical ethics, selected abstracts of key articles and guidelines, letters from leading professors, other disease-focused columns, and patient education and forum. Not forget to mention that, the same operations team is currently working with the Chinese Rheumatology Association, the most authoritative organization in the field, to maintain the Website of the Chinese Society of Rheumatology, which is doing very well.

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